Awesome Insurance for Africa

Affordable, Instant and Honest

Awesome Pricing

We can’t wait to open up our box of products. They are awesome, valuable and built for millennials. Casava is also affordable. Think of how much it costs to purchase phone airtime for the month. Yes that’s about how much you have to pay for Casava Insurance.

Introducing NanoPayments

We are introducing NanoPayments; our proprietary payments and transaction technology. With NanoPayments, you can make small weekly and monthly insurance subscription payments via debit card or USSD or through your mobile airtime for the first time ever. You can also adjust your payments based on your cashflow.

Instant Everything

It takes only 100 seconds to sign up and pay and it takes less than 5 minutes to get claims benefits. You also get instant customer service thanks to our groundbreaking artificial intelligence bot. We are serious. We won’t waste your time.

Earn Money

If you don’t make claims, shouldn’t you get your money back? We vote yes and we know you do too. :). We will pay up to 50% of your money back if you and your friends don’t make a claim. But that’s not all, you can earn a lot of money from referrals. So much that it significantly subsidises your premium payments. Awesome right?

The Facebook of Insurance

We believe insurance is best when you and your friends support each other. For the first time ever, you can add friends and colleagues to your network and help each other during or after a claim benefit has been made. You can also make recommendations and confirm your friend’s KYC.

Benefits is the new Black

Claims are so 1990 - we pay Benefits. We don’t hold back on benefits payment because we cannot hold back on benefits payment. Your network of friends who know can confirm your benefits and our computer pays. This way, you can trust that we won’t have any reason whatsoever to prevent or delay benefits payment.

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