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Employment Insurance for Workers

Get up to 6 months salary if you lose your job or have an accident. Sign up in minutes for as low as N750 / month.

This is a 1st in Nigeria.

Awesome Insurance

Register in MinutesRegister and pay for your insurance subscription in 90 Seconds using our AI driven Chatbot.

Get 6 Months SalaryGet up to 6 months salary paid to you if you lose your employment.

Life & Personal Accident BundledYou will secure your family’s financial future in the event of loss of life or a debilitating accident.

Monthly Subscription

No more annual or biannual rates, instead, you can pay weekly or monthly and cancel your subscription at anytime.

Instant Claims Engine

Our AI driven risk assessment engine will provide instant claims service and payment within 48hrs.

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Casava is Amazing

Driven by Artificial Intelligence to Risk Assess users real time and Behavioural Science to understand user needs, Casava brings Joy and Trust to Insurance Users in Africa.

Why Employment Insurance?


Nigerians lost jobs in 2018

Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS)

Your income is your most important asset. Protect yourself and your family from the shock and inconvenience of loss of income.

Licensed Insurtech & Microinsurance Company

We are Nigeria’s 1st Licensed InsurTech and Microinsurance Underwriter, regulated by Nigeria’s National Insurance Commission.


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