Answers to frequently asked questions


Casava provides simple, affordable, transparent and delightful insurance for Nigerians. We offer stressless income protection insurance to protect worker’s salary in the event of loss of employment.

Casava is licensed by Nigeria’s National Insurance Commission as a microinsurance underwriter to underwrite and sell General and Life insurance products.

Casava protects you regardless of how much you earn. We cover income from as low as ₦30,000 and offer you up to 75% of your salary monthly for up to 6 months in the event of loss of employment.

Casava’s policies are primarily sold online through our Website. To get income protection, we’ll need your personal and employment information including proof of regular income from your employment to enable your claim.

We’re available via email at [email protected]. We are also social and you can get in touch with us through our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account – @gocasava. 

We take your privacy seriously. Casava will never sell your information or share it with anyone except for the purpose of providing you with our services. 


We cover two main types of events:

  1. Dismissal: This is when your employment is terminated or when you lose your job for reasons out of your control. 
  2. Business closure: If you are unemployed because your company went out of business, we will cover you. 
  1. Resignation: We don’t cover willing resignation from employment.
  2. Misconduct: If your employment is terminated due to misconduct or a self-inflicted act.
  3. Pay cut or Salary reduction: If your salary is reduced due to your company’s financial capabilities or employee performance
  4. Salary delays: When your salary is delayed, unpaid or withheld 

You will be required to provide proof in writing from your employer that your employment was terminated.

To access our Income Protection policy, you:

  1. Must be employed full-time
  2. Must be aged 18 years and above
  3. Must be paid at least 30,000 Naira monthly
  4. Must have worked at least six months with proof of earning
  5. Have been working and living in Nigeria for the last 6 months
  6. Must complete your KYC requirements post subscription to verify your identity and employment details

Income Protection premium is calculated for each customer and is based on a number of factors such as your income, the value of your coverage, and employment status. We will recommend 3 cover packages to you in which the higher your premium, the larger your coverage.

For now, you can only pay your premium monthly. However, a discounted annual payment will be available soon.

To update your policy when you get a new job, log into your account and update your profile information. Your policy will be updated accordingly. 

How do I cancel my Income Protection Policy?

Your premium is paid during the registration process or on your Casava account dashboard. You can securely add a debit card to your profile and make sure it’s active so your payments go through successfully.

If your payment fails, we’ll ask you to update your payment information. After 14 days, we will have to cancel your policy.

We can only protect one income per customer, which will be that from your full-time employment.

We’re currently only available to employees and residents in Lagos, Nigeria.


Simple! Just log into your Casava web app and tap the ‘File Claim’ button. We’ll guide you through the rest of the quick process.

First, ensure your bank account information is updated on your profile. Once your claim is approved, we’ll issue payment directly to your bank account. Claims payments will be made monthly for 6 months or when you get a new job.

The waiting period is 4 months from the start date of your policy before you can make a claim. You must also have an active Casava policy before you can file a claim, this means consistent and uninterrupted payment of your premium. This also applies if you paid an annual premium.

Your claim is paid monthly over a period of 6 months. For example, if your total coverage is N600,000, you’ll receive N100,000 in your bank account monthly.

When filing a claim, we’ll need you to upload documents such as your letter of termination, or a notice of business closure.

At the moment, the default payment is 6 months.

We are regulated by the National Insurance Commission and have adopted a customer-driven approach that makes it easy for our customers to access Claims when due.

Your claims are paid monthly until you get another job. If you get a job in less than 6 months, payments will stop.