Your Income is Your
Greatest Asset, Protect It

If you lose your job, we pay you.

Available for the first time in Nigeria!

What's Income Protection?

Income Protection provides workers with a monthly income for up to 6 months if their employment is terminated. As long as you earn income as a full-time worker, you are qualified.

Insurance for your budget

With Income Protection, you can subscribe and choose
your coverage based on what you can afford.

You get

NGN 135,000

You pay

NGN 585

Get Covered in 90 Seconds

You subscribe and we activate your policy


What's Covered


As a subscriber, you are eligible for a claim, if you lose your job for reasons out of your control. This includes when your employer terminates your contract or if there are company wide lay-offs.

Business Closure

As a subscriber, you are eligible for a claim, If you lose your job because your employer closes down the business abruptly and terminates all employment contracts.

What's Not Covered


As a subscriber, you are ineligible if you willingly resigned from your job.


As a subscriber, you are ineligible, if you lost your job due to employee misconduct or a self inflicted act.

Salary Delays

As a subscriber, you are ineligible, if your salary is delayed due to your employer’s financial capabilities or employee performance.

Starting from
NGN 500/mo.
(this is not fake oh!)

Don’t let HR spoil your mood. Stay vibing when you lose your job.

Still not Convinced?
Read our Ground Breaking
MicroPolicy Document

See a sample policy here.

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